Web Design Project

Lyssandra Ash

Job type: Web Design
Duration: 8 hours
Year: 2019

Time Managment

We quickly finished Lyssandra’s website within 8-10 hours.

Business Budget

We charged under $200 since Lyssandra Ash is an adult oriented brand.

Offshore Domain Registration

We registered Lyssandra’s domain with an offshore & adult friendly registrar.

Content Marketing

We made sure to insert keywords into the web pages to also strengthen SEO.

Online marketing

We implemented the best keywords for good SEO.

Step-by-step Process


Pixpa was used to developed the responsive website. 

New Brand, New Image

We designed her a new logo for her revamped brand at no extra cost!

We also copyrighted the design. Link to the certificate here:

Lyssandra Ash San Antonio – Protected by Copyrighted.com 

Location is everything

We implemented the best keywords based on:

  • Location
    • Lyssandra is based in San Antonio 
    • She travels to Houston, Austin and all of Texas 
  • Business Features
    • Lyssandra is:
      • petite
      • busty
      • green-eyed
      • redhead
  • Business Services 
    • Lyssandra offers:
      • Modeling
      • Companionship
      • GFE
      • VIP 

We were confident that these terms could benefit Lyssandra’s search engine visibility!


Lyssandra wanted a new website to uplift her brand.

First, we registerred her new domain with Shinjuru (offshore domain due to adult content).

We developed her a responsive detailed website via Pixpa and basic SEO was implemented with keywords. 

Lyssandra's Review

Jazzy Ink was extremely professional from the first consultation and answered ALL my questions in a way that I could understand!! The finished product was exactly what I had described - better actually.
Lyssandra Ash

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